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MagnadogZ are cool magnetics which are super to show off your breed of dog, horse or whatever on your ride, refridge or mailbox. 
Most of the profits go back into dog rescue, providing food, medical or transportation gas for various breeds of rescue dogs traveling through Kansas......all are crafted by Kat
NEW, cool fleece tuggies
Pricing: $10.50 each, or $21.00 for a set of 2 facing each other. Includes Shipping and Handling in the price.
*Brats are $7.50 each, very cute if you're a breeder!!!
To order, write what you want (breeds, colors, if ordering only 1, which direction you want it to face) on a sheet of paper, and mail it to the below address, including your check and an e-mail if you have one in case I have a question on your order.
Make Checks to Kat Farres
send to 900 Kenison Rd
Salina KS 67401
T: Trotting
S: Standing
Australian Shepherd-T-Black
*Brat (baby aussie, leaping)
Belgian Tervuren-T-S  2 tone mahogany and black
*Brat (baby terv, leaping)
Belgian Sheepdog-T-S Black
*Brat (baby sheepdog, leaping)
Belgian Malinois-S black, or 2 tone mahogany and black
*Brat (baby Malinois, leaping)
**Tervs and Malinois also available in grey and black, for the owners of special dogs !
Border Collie, Crouched- Black, Black and White, Red and White (custom paint available)
Borzoi-S-Black or White
Boston Terrier-S-Black, or Black and White
Boxer-S-ears cropped or uncropped-Black
Chinese Crested,Hairless-S-Black
*Brat (baby hairless crested, leaping)
Cocker Spaniel-S-black, blonde, chocolate
Dalmatian-S-T-Black, black and liver spotted, lots of dots, or not, custom paint available
Doberman-S-T-cropped or uncropped ears-black
Flat Coated Retriever-S-black
*Brat (baby flat coat, leaping)
German Shepherd-S-T-Black or white
German Shorthaired Pointer-on point-black, white with liver, liver ticked, solid liver, custom paint available
Golden Retriever-T-Blonde
*Brat (baby golden leaping)
Irish Water Spaniel-S-liver, black or white
Irish Wolfhound-S-Black
Keeshond-S-T-black or silver and black shaded
Labrador Retriever-S-Black, blonde, or chocolate
Newfoundland-S-black or Landseer, custom paint
*Brat (baby newfie, leaping)
Norwegian Elkhound-S-black or silver and black shaded
Poodle-S-show clip-Black, white, brown, creme, grey
Poodle-S-pet clip-Black, white, brown, creme, grey
Pomeranian-T-blonde or black
Rottweiler-S or T- black
Schnauzer (Miniature)-S- Black or silver shaded
Scottish Deerhound-leaping-black
Shetland Sheepdog-T-black
Soft Coated Wheaten-S-T-black or blonde shaded
Springer Spaniel-S-Black or black and white or liver and white, custom paint
Visla-S-Rust or Solid Black
Wire Haired Viszla-On Point-Trotting-Rust or black
***But, if your 'ride' is black, we can do the dogs in most any color, your kennel color
or a contrasting color !
***Pawprints: virtually any color. You get a 'pad' and a few extra toes.  $10.50 per each, includes shipping and handling.
***Bones: vitually any color, about 3 inches by 1.5 in size, $5.25 includes shipping
***Sheepies (see photo on next page, click on paw button below) are $4.50 each, they come in various sizes (no choice) if you want a 'flock' for your herding dog!
Don't see your breed, let me know we can make one up :) I'm always working on a new breed!
Short nosed dogs don't reproduce well, sorry....
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I am now making these lasting fleece tugs. Various colors and sizes, custom colors/designs can be made also. Contact me at ozbelgnz@cox.net for more info on these, they make great trophies and prizes.